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Festive photos
Keep an eye on the album of our Christmas 2018 events
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Christingle Nativity Extravaganza
A weekend for participation, fun and excitement as we start Advent with Christingle and Nativity events
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Macmillan coffee and cake morning
Macmillan coffee and cake morning
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Music Showcase
Community music by and for the community
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Easy fundraising
How to make your everyday online shopping benefit a good cause
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Family Cafe Church
Great new Family event
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Who can save the day?
On the edge of our seats in the Holiday Club
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Holiday Club Tues 3- Fri 6 & Sun 8 April
Book now for the Kings Quest Club 3-6 April!
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Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Community choirs
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Good Friday For Kids
Holy Week and Easter events for children and young people
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