Welcome to K@STA

Join Fiona and the K@STA Team for a fun filled Friday night starting at 5:30pm, we throw the doors open and take your children into care we have three areas your children can play in

K@STA has an entrance fee of £1 and we require a parental consent form filed in for each child. If you would like to find out more information.


K@STA is currently FULL.  Please contact [email protected] to join the waiting list

The K@STA Zones

All these areas are maned by K@STA Volunteers who join in and take care of your children.

The Quiet Zone

This area has our weekly craft, iPads, colouring in and an area they can relax and chat.

The Loud Zone

In here they can let their energy loose we have rotating games including, Football, Basketball, Hockey and Badminton and even bouncy table tennis. In the summer months we also take these games out onto the grass area and enjoy the sun.

The Games Zone

In this area the children can play table football – play card games and board games.

Previous Special End of Term Events

Once a Term we have a special night where all things drop and We have some Fun, Past nights include





K@STA Consent Form

K@STA is currently FULL. Please only fill in a consent form if you have been asked to do so. Any consent forms filled in without our permission will be deleted. The only way to enquire about joining the (already full) waiting list is by emailing [email protected]


Parent/Carer Consent Form