Moving on…

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I told the PCC last night of my resignation from being the Vicar of the parish, with my last Sunday 24 April.

For some time I have thought that we really need a younger minister (and ideally one with a family). I am sorry that we didn’t get suitable applicants to help us in the parish and to live in the Emmanuel Church house when we advertised last July. So I am sorry that in my view it isn’t wise to press ahead with trying to find another part time Associate Minister until the Vicar vacancy is filled.

We have a magnificent team with Peter Selby, the readers and the help of Nick Feist. I think the parish is gradually getting back to strength. Obviously we wish that more of the people who used to come before Covid will come back, and even more, that new people would begin to join the churches.

At my age I would have to move on at some time, but I would rather move before you parishioners have got older, so that you can keep welcoming other people with some vigour.

What are we going to do next? No firm plans. We are looking into buying a house, but also wondering about House for Duty posts. We would prefer to be a bit closer to our sons, who all live in south Yorkshire.

The timetable for now: The Annual Meeting of the parish is planned for Sunday April 10 (Palm Sunday), Easter Day shouldn’t be overshadowed by anything, so my last Sunday as Vicar will be 24th April, and I will cease being paid from the end of that month. The Diocese have said that it is possible for us to stay in the Vicarage up to the end of July if necessary (with a few conditions, of course). It isn’t up to me in any way, but I hope that the vacancy would not be long. We could start praying now!   

         Christopher, 22/1/22