Sunday 19th January: Guest speaker and Guest singers!

The 19th January was an exciting Sunday at St. Andrews, with a guest speaker in the morning, and guest singers in the evening.

Our guest speaker was the Rev Nick Feist, who spoke on Revelation 2:12-17, making the theme of his talk: Listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches. He shared with us that God has so much more that he wants to do in our lives - not just in Heaven, but here and now too. He spoke about the 26 churches that he has ministered in since his "retirement" - many of them small, but truly seeking after God to move in a new way. Check out the audio of his talk, available as a podcast from our website.

In the evening, it was the turn of our guest singers: "People of Praise" from Fords Lane Evangelical church; and we had a truly joyful and informal time of worship - with the congregation selecting the songs!