Sunday 16th February - Brown eyes

Anne Cook, a member of our congregation, served as a missionary in France for many years, before retiring to Cheadle Hulme and marrying our former vicar, the late Canon Peter Cook. She still is full of the love of Jesus, with a warm welcome for all and a twinkle in her eyes as she greets you!

However, she doesn't often step into the limelight to tell us a story. This Sunday was extra-special, as she shared with the congregation, but especially with our growing group of young children, the true story of Amy Carmichael - the girl with brown eyes, who prayed to have blue eyes!

God didn't say "yes" to young Amy's prayer; though it was many years till she found out why. When she grew up, God sent her as a missionary to look after and to rescue girls in India - and there, her brown eyes looked just right!

Plenty more happened at church this week too - including, on Saturday night, a performance of the Amaretti chamber orchestra - performing Hadyn, Schumann and Beethoven. We are pleased to be the regular performance venue for the orchestra - future performances are planned for 9th May and 26th September.