I to the hills

Amblers walk hills and reservoir in snowMy father's favourite Psalm was 121, which in the old metrical version began, "I to the hills will lift mine eyes: From whence doth come mine aid?". So if things around you are going pear-shaped, and you don't know where to look for help, you'll want to know the answer which comes in the next lines: "My safety cometh from the Lord, who heaven and earth hath made".

Thankfully the St Andrew's Amblers group didn't need particular help on their walk one chilly morning before the New Year, but we certainly enjoyed seeing the snow on the hills.  Do look out for more opportunities to enjoy God's creation with the Amblers, whose programme is publicised in Newsline

And if your life is going pear-shaped and you are looking for help, do look to the Lord for safety, and ask his people here at St Andrew's for help too.

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