Discovering Solomon at Sunday Club

Our new-look Sunday Club has developed really well over the last month, with good attendances each week, Lindsay and Geoff leading, and others including Bence and Sheila helping out. The theme for the last few weeks has been Solomon - his wisdom, the good things that he did for God when he obeyed God... and how things went wrong when he didn't.

We're not just learning, though. There have been plenty of games and interesting activities for the children to join in with; and the older ones have been active in helping the younger ones.

So, with a little help, and a lot of sticky tape, here is a model of Solomon's temple, the great house that Solomon built for God in Jerusalem, lovingly reassembled by young Emily!






But we all can fold a paper boat - or at least, we thought we could. Lindsay explains that here are "some origami boats which the children made as we realised we had to follow instructions in order to get it right.  This was linked to Solomon having to follow God's instructions to get the Temple right."