Online church

During the current Coronovirus troubles, the Church of England has been continuing its ministry of prayer and serving others, whenever it is not possible to hold public services. St. Andrews has had a full programme of online services, with daily meetings since the beginning of lockdown. We continue a programme of online services when our church is open, in order to support those who are not ready to return to our public meetings.

St Andrews has meetings every day that you can join online. Some of our meetings are on Zoom, and some are pre-recorded on YouTube:

Our Sunday morning services are broadcast at 11am each Sunday on Youtube and streamed on Zoom. Similarly, our half-hour prayer meeting at 7pm every night is on Zoom.

You can join in our Zoom services by video link from your PC or tablet, or by audio link from a telephone. Please contact our Vicar, Rev. Christopher Hobbs (0161 291 9134), for instructions.

Our YouTube services are available to watch at any time on our YouTube channel.

Our Facebook discussion group. is a place to share shopping tips, prayer requests and anything to encourage each other during these times. It is often the quickest way to hear about what we are organising at church.