Good Friday For Kids

A day to celebrate?
Good Friday is one of the most sombre days in the church calendar. And yet we call it ‘Good’! Not just because it is a Bank Holiday…
Do the children in your life know about it? We will be running a child-centred ‘service’ at 10.30am on Good Friday – 2nd April this year – along with fun crafts and activities all socially distanced, and designed mainly for primary age children with their carers. If you aren’t comfortable with meeting in person yet, we will be offering take-away craft packs on the day so you can come and collect one to have a special time at home.  

Please book either to attend or to take resources home on

But why do we call it ‘good’?
The answer was illustrated by what happened in the temple, which you can read about eg. in Mark chapter 15. When the curtain was torn in two it showed that Jesus’ death made it possible for us to be friends with God: we no longer had to be separated from him. He died to take our sinfulness away, so that if we trust him, we can be with him for ever.  The most famous verse of the Bible, John 3:16 says, “God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not die, but have eternal life”. That’s really good news!