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Isn't Little Rews wonderful?

We intend to continue running Little Rews during term time for as long as we are permitted to do so. If you need to check whether we're running this week, please phone Margaret or Christopher (0161 291 9134).

Everything will be as COVID-safe as we can. Spaces are limited to only 5 family groups per session and toys available in individual boxes for use in their own allocated zones. We will include a circle time with Bible story, play-along to songs, and craft, but to accommodate more we are reducing the session slots to just one hour, and running two sessions in the morning, changing toys and sanitising between each session. So we have set up a booking system online here, though you may try just turning up on the day and if there is space we will welcome you. Click here to book:

Our Video series...

Margaret has been filming videos for our Little Rews group, with lively and fun songs, and talks both for our youngsters and their carers. Join the fun...

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