Capernwray: A week with our students

We’ve just shared a great week of mission with four young students from Capernwray Bible College: Felix from Germany, Ella from California, USA, and Addie and Karis from Canada – all aged 18 to 19. There’s been lots of exciting activities for young and old alike: a pancake special for youth and children, a men’s brunch and a ladies’ brunch, even a curry night at the Red Fort. Our team of students have been speaking and acting and taking part in all kinds of ways. Thanks to all our students, their hosts, and to everyone who shared in the planning and practical arrangements to make all of this possible. The students now return to their studies with a great experience of helping out in our Bible-believing, caring and community-focused church – and we continue our regular work for God, inspired anew by their joy and enthusiasm in working with us.